Leader | Data Storyteller | lifelong learner

Hi, I’m Clay

I have over 10 years of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) experience.

I love telling stories, but not talking about myself. Since some of the best stories involve you to be brief, bright, and on with your day, here are six quick highlights about me:

1. As a liberal arts major, I have learned that the story is everything, it shows you what you have accomplished so far and helps shine a light to where you are going. I fortunately fell into finance and have found that mentality works well in this discipline.
2. Not only do I love taking large piles of numbers and sifting through them to find the story, but also teaching others to do it as well.
3. I am a passionate about being a lifelong learner of new things: tools, languages, people, teams, best practices, and ideas.
4. I am an introvert by nature, but people are important to me. Collaboration is important, treating everyone like humans and with kindness is more important, getting diverse thoughts and everyone’s voice in the room is of paramount importance.
5. Having a sense of humor helps get me through the day; I just try not to overdo it.
6. I try to assume positive intent with everyone I work with. We are all working toward our goals, just sometimes those goals compete and we need to find common ground.

Here is hoping we can share some stories.